Are you worried that your marriage is on the rocks?

Do you think that your spouse may no longer be happy with you? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then keep on reading.

The truth is, marriage and relationships in general take nurturing. Investing and making repeated efforts. Relationships require at least one of you to be invested in the relationship and be willing to do anything to save it. With that said, I will now cover a few lessons that I learned from saving my marriage.

Do not give up hope if you are the only one seemingly interested in repairing your marriage. One person can begin to bring about changes by just making small changes themselves which almost force the other to change in response.

The first lesson is communication.

Men and women generally communicate in very different ways. If you want your marriage to work well, you will need to find some common ground. Men will find it important to learn how to open up and share their feelings at least now and then.  Usually women find it helpful to learn to listen between the lines to their man.

Men typically feel as though they don’t need to verbalize their emotions which usually makes the woman feel puzzled, disconnected and sometimes unwanted and unloved.

So, if you’re a guy and reading this, please take the time to fully appreciate your woman and say how you feel. Women, on the other hand, may sometimes need to learn when to stop talking and allow their man the space he needs to express himself.


Another lesson is how vital it is to set aside time for each other.

In our society at this time, it is often the norm that both of you have demanding jobs. Due to that fact, it is a challenge, but absolutely necessary to take time out for dating, fun and romance.

When couples neglect having time together, it usually leads to a breakdown in intimacy in every way. This can lead to an eventual breakup. Therefore, it is essential that both persons take time off from work and carve out special times on weekends to spend with each other.

Connecting during the week for even 5 – 15 minutes daily also can make all the difference in your closeness.

It is important that you don’t always only spend time with your friends or relatives. It is essential that you have special times set aside for both of you, where you can be alone and enjoy each other’s company. This may be in the form of dinner dates, long walks, enjoyable activities or simply star gazing together.




Following are tips to help strengthen your marriage. But first, check out my products related to marriage health.

Thirdly, you both need to understand how each other’s emotions work.

Give each other the space to just be. For example, men often think that if their woman is upset or sad, then he has to fix her problems. The reverse is also often true for the woman.

This is entirely untrue and instead, you can simply one another or ask thoughtfully if there is anything you can do to help. Let each another know that you want to  be supportive. However, it is also essential that neither party tries to solve the other’s problems, but instead, be the rock that is needed.


Lastly, the final lesson is to seek professional help when there are problems.

Marriage counseling, coaching or therapy has been known to save countless marriages, so don’t be afraid to schedule a few sessions. Just be certain the person you choose is marriage friendly and has a good success record.


In closing, saving my marriage has been definitely worth all the effort it took.

It has been a long and challenging road but now is rewarding.  I hope the above lessons and tips will help you to save your own marriage and live a happy and full life with your significant other.


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    Waverly Hanson

    Waverly Hanson

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    In my personal life, I have had a long successful marriage and have remarried following my husband's death.  I have had three sons and helped raise a niece for three years and have seven grandchildren.  I have loved spending time with them as they were growing up.

    I also enjoy getting together with family and friends, ATVing in the mountains, photography, hiking, and traveling. I also enjoy reading, creating art, decorating, and serving others by volunteering. 

    Assisting couples in rebuilding their marriages has been so rewarding as I've had the privilege of seeing hundreds of couples reunite and get back to being positively connected to one another. 

    I also work with personal development and those who want to move forward by making positive improvements such as goal setting, self-care, boundaries, behavioral improvements, overcoming procrastination, conflict management, etc.