Identify Your Personal Values



Know yourself! Start by identifying what you see as valuable. 

Stop and think about how well you truly know yourself and how you view the world. How often do you think about those types of things?

We all struggle. That’s a part of life. But no one wants to struggle in vain. Learning more about yourself can help you see why you struggle with the things that you do. It can also give you insight into what you want out of life and how to get there.

This workbook will walk you through 5 Steps to guide you to better understanding of yourself and your the values that guide your decisions.  




workbook product image mockup identify your personal values
workbook product image mockup identify your personal values

Overview & Preview

5 Step Workbook

8 Pages


The values we hold are what guide our decisions and determine what priorities we hold in life. 

Do you truly know what your personal values are? 

This workbook and the 5 Steps within will lead you to what you value in life and allow you to live a life with true meaningfulness.

Sample Pages

sample page identify your personal values workbook

If you want to enhance your life, go through amazing experiences and discover true happiness, remaining in your comfort zone is not the answer.

Waverly Hanson

Break things down into minimal changes that will eventually equate to the big change that you need.

Waverly Hanson

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