44 Ways to Keep the Romance in Your Marriage

Romance plays a huge role in every marriage. If you feel alone or bored in your relationship it could be due to lack of romance. The 44 tips in this eBook are simple and easy to implement on a daily basis. They will help you cultivate a romantic atmosphere in your relationship. 


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Romance in marriage can be hard to come by. Daily life starts to get in the way. There is always something more urgent or important that takes precedence. 

The truth is, even after the wedding day it is important to keep the romance alive. 

There are small easy things you can do for your marriage on a daily basis that will help to cultivate that romantic feeling for yourself and your partner. 

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Consistency will pay off, and you’ll soon begin to see the romance in your relationship bloom.

44 Ways to Keep the Romnce in Your Marriage

Taking time to perform a thoughtful act goes a long way toward demonstrating that you’ve heard your partner’s complaints or wishes.

44 Ways to Keep the Romance in Your Marriage

Following through on your promises and putting forth effort to match that of your significant other goes a long way.

44 Ways to Keep the Romance in Your Marriage

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Put the romance back in your marriage with these 44 tips. 

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