Updated 2021

Hang On To Progress

Having a hard time hanging on to the progress you’ve made?

Does it feel like it’s just NOT ENOUGH?

Can we take a minute to evaluate?

Are you further along than you were before you started on this self-development journey?

I’m very nearly certain, that your answers will be yes to all the above questions!

If so, why give yourself a high five and just rejoice in the progress you have already made even if you are not yet where you want to be?

You, I, and everyone else who sets Personal Development Goals and makes the efforts required to move ahead struggles at times.

Good News! You are normal. Take heart because this is part of the process.

One of the ways you can get yourself back on track is to take time right now to look back in time.

First, go back in your memory to your original point of realization that you wanted to and needed to make some changes in your life?

You came to that conclusion because something showed you were not feeling good about where you were in your life at that point.

What were at least two or three of your primary concerns at that moment? What did you decide you were going to change and do instead?

Let’s look back at the baby steps you took to get you out of your self-created rut and onto a new and better path for yourself.

Can you note the changes you’ve made since then? Do you notice the steps along the way that have brought you to where you are today?

Do you think it is possible that you just are feeling tired and a bit down because you are not where you had hoped to be this time?

There are some days when for some reason or seemingly no reason you and I feel more tired and down than usual.

Sometimes the quick fix is that we need some extra rest or relaxation. Now maybe the time to just take good care of yourself in some of the ways that work for you.

You know it’s not okay to just up and quit, but maybe a very short break is okay so tomorrow will look much more hopeful.

By tomorrow with extra rest, you may be able to be more realistic. You may be able to more clearly recognize and rejoice in the progress you have made.

Even though your progress may not be all that you had hoped for at this point, IT IS PROGRESS!

So the moral to this story is:

Hang On To Progress!

Rejoice In It!

Today, go back to your “drawing board” and write down again your end goal…then the baby steps it will take to reach it.

It could be it is time to break up your Big Goal into smaller more reachable goals that are more quickly reached.

This simple change often gives you quicker rewards. You then are motivated by your small successes along the way.

This method can work to make you more willing to keep going toward your bigger goals because of the rewards of success you reach more quickly along the way.

If you want to reach your goals more quickly, right now you have many choices…

You can hold yourself accountable in whatever way works best for you…

Set up your own accountability system and check in daily or weekly. Use paper, computer, phone alarm, and notes???

Find an accountability group or a trusted friend.

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