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Ever felt like a Failure? Of course, everyone has at times. It’s an ominous word.

It is a word that immediately sounds and feels bad. Most often, you have a very negative reaction to it. It often is a word people fear. Because it is such a negative word to many, large numbers of people allow the fear of failure to prevent them from going for their dreams and succeeding after numerous setbacks.

It may sound rather crazy,ut an author recently stated that people often embrace what they fear most to avoid the embrace of their fear.

For various reasons, failure is viewed not only as a bad thing but as a personal flaw. The assumption appears to be that it is a personal flaw that caused it.

By constant conditioning, you may believe that only the winners have worth and are the good guys. Somehow you may have the idea that they deserve to win and this is their reward for doing all the right things.

When you believe this, that same story says if you fail, there must be something wrong with you. Somehow you must have done something to deserve that failure. You must not be good enough to succeed. Wow, that kind of story is a real downer that can keep you and many others from even trying, just to protect yourself from becoming a “failure.”

Even though this story is only a story, your inner voice repeats it so often that every time you enter a new situation it can come up for you. When you hear a story enough from both yourself and others, it is easy to believe it is actually the truth.

However, failure is just a word. It has no power until we give it power. What a waste to see how this story has the ability to influence action and direction in life for so many people.

Because in the end, there is no permanent failure. Not only you, but everyone in this life, if they live long enough, will have setbacks. Setbacks give us an opportunity to look at the lessons learned. Setbacks give us an opportunity to explore other ideas.

Those in life who actually accomplish a lot have series of setbacks. Remember the inventor Thomas Edison stating that he had found 1,000 ways that did not work! He also said that each time it did not work, he was one step closer to a solution.

Finally, when a reporter asked him how it felt to fail 1,000 times he replied that it was not failure but the light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps!!!

Because there are no real failures unless we allow them to be, no individual can be a personal failure. There are only setbacks.

When you accept this way of thinking, you are free to move ahead after each setback.

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