Updated 2021


The Monsters To Avoid The Confidence Killers


There is no running away from them, they always creep up on you, stalk you, never leave your side and get to you in the most uncertain of places leaving your palms sweaty and your mouth dry.

Yes, in this article we will be talking about the evil confidence killers and show how they are the reason why you can’t achieve your dreams and goals; be it in relationships or your work. Lack of confidence or self-doubt stops us from achieving our own goals.

I would be lying if I claim, I never had any last-minute jitters. It’s very common. People often call it an intrinsic gift people are born with while all the remaining ones struggle with it. But with confidence-building activities and long-term personal goals planning, lack of self-confidence can be overcome. If you don’t believe me, keep reading!

Confidence Killer #1: Constant worrying

Why worry about something that hasn’t even happened and frankly speaking, might never happen and drive yourself mad with pressure and worrying? Constantly worrying about things that are not in your control leaves you defenseless and as a result, you lose your confidence and start doubting yourself.

Confidence Killer #2: Past

People who have struggled in their childhood often grow up to become frustrated and introverts, thus unable to express themselves with confidence. Others grow up to be chronically angry and aggressive toward others.

Our pasts just have their evil plan to creep on us when we already feel most vulnerable. Often many people find it comforting, just being able to blame everything on their past, but what they don’t understand is, if they don’t stop; it will become the definer of their future. What if the past can help you overcome your fears and plan for a better and successful future? You certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on that opportunity, would you?

Confidence Killer #3: Comparing Yourself with Others

The moment you start comparing yourself to others is the instant you start doubting yourself. You need to understand that you were born to stand out, not blend in. If something makes you utterly unique, there is no shame in hiding it, unless it’s a permanent bump on your neck??? Remember, there will always be people who will be better than you, but they will never be ‘YOU’. Don’t let some stupid whispers cause you to doubt your being. Let the world know you are different with confidence.

Confidence Killer #4: Trying to Achieve Perfection

Striving for perfection isn’t bad. It’s difficult and often becomes a hurdle when in order to pursue it you don’t take any action at all.

You keep fixating on a single point, not worrying about the rest, in an eternal struggle to polish it more. You have to draw a line where you need to stop perfecting things that are already perfect in their own way.

If you have trust in yourself and what you have to present, you will eventually feel more confident. Ask yourself, don’t you feel more confident when you are dressed well, doing on a date night? You of course are. But if you keep thinking about achieving perfection, you may never be able to enjoy the moment. Don’t allow the fear of a wrong action to stop you from taking any action at all.

If you allow yourself to become prey to such confidence killers, you will find that even the commonest of joys come to you with difficulty. Learn to express yourself better and with confidence because we all know what society does to those who don’t. It finds joy in crushing them.

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