Updated 2021

easy exercises to help build your confidence


With the right confidence building activities and exercises you too can put your doubts and fears away to rest for good. These confidence building activities are simple, effective and very easy to follow. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to be consistent with these confidence building activities and you will soon start to get most things done your way.

Activity #1: Fake It Till You Make It

Many life coaches agree that this confidence building strategy to really works. The theory behind this is that once you know you are low on confidence, the step to follow is to tell yourself the opposite. People who are not confident have developed false beliefs about themselves.Some of these opinions are brought on by others, while some are their own doing. They often mistakenly assume that they are not good enough, they will not be able to do it, people will laugh at them etc. This activity has them telling themselves the opposite; instead of negative statements, they repeat positive statements to themselves like ‘I can do this.’ ‘What I have to say is important.’

Repeating positive statements to yourself may seem a bit odd at first, but stick to it and you will see that your brain will accept them as the reality and your actions/behavior will also line up likewise. This, of course, is not a quick overnight fix. It will take time and will take practice. Hopefully you have at least one supportive person in your life that you can trust to have your back and want to see you succeed in your new efforts.

It also helps to begin thinking that what you have to share with others will be interesting to them and can actually benefit them. When you are truly excited about your topic, that will come through. Bringing in illustrations or stories of how your topic has benefited others will be convincing to them.

Additionally, when your biggest focus is on helping your audience to “get it” and you believe in the benefits for them, you will tend to forget all about your own insecurities or nervousness.

Activity #2: Controlling Your Fears

The fear of being ridiculed or mocked or of failure keeps many people from even trying to do things, let alone actually being able to do it. This confidence building activity focuses on teaching you how to take control of your fears; not let them control you.

One of the most effective ways of actually getting over your fear of doing something is to actually go ahead and do it. Once you do it, you will realize that most of the fear was just in your head. The bottom line here is to take the power away from the thing which scares you by doing it.

Activity #3: Celebrate Your Goodness

Nobody knows you the way you know yourself, and while there may be a bucket load of things you are terrible at, if you look hard enough you will see that there are some very good things about you too. Focusing on the good that you bring to others will help you to have more faith in yourself. It will help you confront your fears because now you know that you can do it. All of this will lead up to a more confident person with bullet proof self-esteem.

You may have heard that it is very normal to have a fear of public speaking. In fact in surveys, it has been shown in the past to be Americans number one fear. At the time of that survey, it was reported to be a greater fear than dying. So you are not alone in this fear. It is very common.

The above activities, however, can be helpful for whatever fear may be holding you from moving ahead in your life and conquering long held fears that may be hindering you having the fullest life you could.

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