Updated 2021


Did you know it is possible to have loads of education and the best experience background but lack the confidence you need for the success you crave?

Confidence can make a real difference in the accomplishments you make in your life. It can also propel you to places you wouldn’t go without it.

With confidence, you can help turn the seemingly impossible into the possible. You may also create success where other people give up just before the victory.

While it is true that education and experience can assist you in gaining confidence, it is often not enough by itself. Real confidence comes from inside and you being able to display it in a way that others find inspiring.

Your confidence provides the courage you need to step into unknown situations with the belief that you will succeed. When you are leaving behind the known and secure it may take incredible confidence. Without it, you may become stuck in a rut of a life or a career or relationship that is going nowhere.

If you do lack having confidence, it may not be that noticeable to you until you get absolutely real with yourself.

One sign of lack in confidence can be if you regularly procrastinate. Another bad sign is if you are feeling overwhelmed constantly.

It may be very difficult to turn these problems around unless you do directly address your confidence issues. You will find it hard to take action to get out of ruts and other difficult situations because you believe you can’t do it right or that you need to learn more first.

When you have gained a significant amount of confidence through confidence building activities, you will really notice how differently you tend to view challenging situations.

You will also find your decision-making skills are helped greatly by your newly gained confidence level. You will notice you may have often hesitated to make decisions about even the smallest issues.

Usually this is due to your lack of confidence in your own abilities to succeed. It is common that you are so indecisive you become withdrawn and perhaps even isolated yourself. You also may find you are constantly second guessing the decisions you do make which only makes you feel worse.

One step in the right direction for you at this point, if you see yourself in this article, is to practice on small issues to behave as if you are confident.

Next you can use that power to take action rather than simply waiting for something to happen to cement an idea or solve a problem. If nothing else you can at least be confident that you are determined to work on your goals.

If you are interested in more learning on this topic, you will find tools for developing this skill in some of the products and materials offered on this site. You will also see offers for feedback and accountability for personally working with you for a few coaching sessions. It is amazing how just having another person with skills can get you on the right track to increase your confidence level greatly.

Your determination will get you to the point where you will start taking the action or actions you need to succeed in this area of your life.

After putting in some effort on new ways of being, your confidence can become a new habit in your life. This habit will add so much to your sense of well-being.

Once you have the habit of confidence developed, you will be able to more easily leave your comfort zone and take chances. Even if you feel you fail, it is only a setback and you’ll learn from the missteps you make and have the resolve to go on to try for the next idea or level of success.

Your newly found confidence will provide the power you need to commit to and work toward your goals. When you believe that your efforts are going to succeed in the long run. It not only increasing your chances of succeeding, but also creates a sense of satisfaction.

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