Updated 2021

7 essential strategies to beat stress


Stress could very easily be called the fire which burns your being into ashes before you know it; realizing it only when the flames are too ferocious to put out. Not only does it consume you mentally with occupying thoughts which are of no benefit whatsoever, but it also has an adverse effect on other aspects of your life.

But there are certain situations when you are automatically stressed out, such as when life throws lemons at you.

Here are a few strategies to pop the stress bubble:

1. Physical Activity

No matter how much the stress has been numbing your mind, physical exercise has the power to rid you of it. You can combat the stressful blues by being actively engaged in a sport, or you can go for a walk, swim, or cycling. If such habits cannot be continued for long, short intervals also work. The idea is to get you moving so that the negative energy due to all that stress will be replaced with a rejuvenated mind.

2. Talk your Heart Out

No matter how cluttered your mind is, talking about it with a sincere friend/ parent/ partner is an amazing therapy which costs you nothing, except promising a great talk with your loved ones. The routine of life brings about various problems we sometimes can’t seem to find solutions to by ourselves. Bottling it all up inside only worsens your mental condition rather than improving it. Try to get in the habit of sharing your thoughts in a manner which doesn’t depress the listener. You will be amazed with how quickly you come up with solutions with little to no help from the other side.

3. Ditch the Junk

You may be very much attached to the comfort food choices of yours, but if that consists of junk food items such as alcohol, food high in sodium and carbohydrates, and fatty foods; then you are not headed in the right direction. Too many sugary items such as confectionery and chocolate may seem like the probable solution, but that is not going to reduce stress for real; it only masks it. Try substituting unhealthy food items with healthy created recipes which not only entice your senses but will also provide your body with much-needed nourishment.

4. Smile…It Is Contagious

It is strange how a genuine smile can light up anyone’s day. And more so, it helps reduce the level of stress to a great extent. Smiling is contagious, and it never hurts to spread a few sincere grins around, for you don’t know who might need them badly. No matter how low you feel, try out your best smiles and see the magical results in a short time. Actually, current research has proven that it is a fact that by smiling, you lift your own mood!

5. Help out Others

The act of generosity not only benefits the one on the receiving end but the one who is being generous. Helping others (it could be anyone in need) fills a person with a sense of value and brings joy in someone’s life. These actions help in combating the stress one might be occupied with. If you do not find enough time to volunteer for a cause, try doing it even on a very small level as it fits into your life.

6. Accept the Reality

It goes without saying that stress is usually the result of the difference in one’s expectations and the reality itself. The need to control all your circumstances won’t change anything but will definitely deprive you of mental peace and serenity. There are though, internal factors which might need a change for improvement of the situations; so give it a shot. However, trying to alter the reality and the external factors beyond your control should not be engaged in if you wish to eliminate stress from your life. Learn to accept reality and go about it, adjusting your sail in accordance with the winds.

7. Give Time to Yourself

You are a human so you will be stressed out from time to time; do not punish yourself for it but acknowledge it and get to fixing things right away. Let your mind behave in its natural way and cool off before you gain peace of mind to rationally think of solutions to your problems. Give the ‘me time’ to yourself which all of us deserve. Do indulge in a hobby or reflect by meditation or prayer, journal, do things which soothe your nerves. Go outdoors and enjoy beautiful nature as much as possible.

Learn to combat the monsters of stress within yourself by allowing your mind to relax and heal before burdening it with the task of finding solutions and having regretful thoughts. Remember not to beat yourself up with regrets but immediately look for the lesson learned or take away, so you are better prepared for the next challenge.

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