Updated 2021


dare to be flexible in success habits


Success habits should not be set in concrete! In fact, they must and do constantly evolve. Just as you are ever-growing and changing, so do your habits due to the fact that you will always be redefining your goals and plans.

If you are determined to be accomplished in creating success habits, it is actually urgent that you know what you really want to achieve and really know why.

You will find that you need to committed to creating this success habit and this just requires you to know why it is so important to you. You will find yourself far more able to move forward effectively when you know it will change you and your life.

You, of course, have created a plan and you have an end goal. However, it is crucial that you take the time daily to evaluate your plan to keep yourself on the right path.

As you know, there is absolutely no point in continuing to aim for something that you no longer sincerely desire. If you do you will find you will just naturally lose that commitment easily and the focus required to achieve it.

Success habits require both commitment and focus. To maintain these, you need a positive mindset and to be very emotionally invested in achieving your goal. Without these, you will quickly lose interest and momentum. Eventually, you will allow negative self-talk and behaviors to interfere with your practice and plans.

Remember, if your end goal changes, put the new goal into your plan and take the time to re-check each step to be sure you remain committed and able to achieve the goal.

As an example, let’s say your original goal was to wake at 6.00 am every day to gain 2 extra hours before the beginning of your working day’s routine. It is true that waking early is a successful habit regularly used by the majority of successful people. Research indicates these successful people practice this habit because they understand the importance of time and routine.

However, you may find that those 2 hours are not enough to complete the tasks that you feel essential for reaching your goal. Then you begin to feel stressed and inefficient instead of positive and well planned.

You could instead change your plan and go to bed slightly earlier so that you can get up at 5.00 am. This modification gives you an extra hour to complete tasks you feel are essential.

Every day should start in a positive way. You will, if you have not already, develop a morning routine that works for you. Included should be a healthy nutritious breakfast along with something that will provide positive motivation for the day ahead. This could involve different activities such as exercise, reading, listening to audio recordings, studying, yoga, prayer, visualization, or using positive affirmations.

The above information would indicate most people are morning people. If you are not, you may find that it works best for you to do some things right after work daily instead (such as exercise), and possibly the meditation, reflection, or reading times may work best for you at night right before going to sleep.

Can you tell I happen to be a night person? This does not mean I am a late riser. It simply means that for some people, the inner clock works best if you divide up these self-nurturing activities between other times of the day.

However, for those who do not like to eat breakfast, please remember that it is extremely important to put it into your schedule even though you are not hungry. The reason is that it gets your metabolism started for the day and you will end up with more energy and less weight.

It is vital that you find what works for you. The only way you will find your way is by trial and error. This may also involve using different methods depending on the habit you are trying to create and your established end goal. Flexibility is the key so when changes occur, you view it in a positive light, accept it and go with it.

As you change and grow creating the success you desire, you will find you will want to evaluate which success habits you need. Don’t be afraid to change them as normally the changes you make will create even more commitment and focus.

For your ultimate goal to be achieved, you will need to pause during your reflection time to constantly evaluate your mindset, your habits, strengths, weaknesses, motivation, and goal. This regular re-evaluation will help you create success habits that work for you and not against you.

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