Updated 2021

9 things bold people do


Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful – William Shakespeare

Have you ever thought about what’s with the highly energetic individuals you used to sit with, back in high school? Who would jump off at every opportunity and be the first one to try new things, never afraid to take on challenges? No, they were probably not high on substance abuse or anything remotely similar; they probably had a higher degree of boldness and courage.

And the secrets to that kind of unbreakable spirit is listed below:

1. Own your Flaws

The pride with which you happily take credit for your strengths, have the same courage to accept your flaws and own them with all your heart. Even if you plan to change yourself for the better, learn to accept what lies within you. Focus on what would make you stronger than ever to meet your challenges head-on, all the while aware of everything you are made of.

2. Start being Responsible

No matter how much you try to act like a free spirit, you won’t be able to completely embrace courage unless you start taking responsibility for your actions. People who dare to be bold do not hide behind any person or cause when fingers are pointed and answers are demanded; you need to stand upright to face any consequences that your actions might have triggered.

3. Yearn for Growth

There’s nothing as engaging as the longing to grow into a better version of yourself, than the one from yesterday. And that is one of the factors which keep the bold on their feet most of the time; learning, unlearning, and relearning from new aspects of life. Stepping into the unknown becomes less fearful for the bold and the courageous due to their thirst for knowledge.

4. Speak for Yourself

There’s nothing worse than not being able to voice your opinions for fear of being judged or misunderstood. People who are bold and courageous aren’t careless about opinions and sentiments of others but with time they master the skill to come up with their own strong opinions on any subject, making logical arguments without sounding disrespectful. They know when and how to say things in a way which makes their voices heard above those of others.

5. They aren’t Just Words

Many people have the art of persuasion with their beautiful speeches, however, when it comes to any real action, they just can’t make it. Bold people are different; they pair their words with their actions and usually, you would see their actions speaking louder for their ideas. They have a combination of knowledge implemented through real acts of value, which sets them apart and causes them to be held in high regard; whether in a professional setting or in their personal lives.

6. They Connect

They connect with people, places, experiences, their atmosphere, and whatever else. They are always knocking on new doors and this way they seize the opportunity at the moment it presents itself.

7. Slow and Steady

They do jump at opportunities but if you see the bold people doing complex tasks, know this; it takes a lot to master anything and they have given it considerable time as well as made great efforts, to practice their craft, quality (or whatever it may be that you admire about them), to perfection. They build momentum gradually by pursuing their passion in a timely manner.

8. The Optimism

The effort would be in vain if you yourself do not expect a positive outcome. The bold and the fearless are not always successful and might face failure but that is not a roadblock for them. They get back up stronger and the next time they try they are sure not to repeat their mistakes. You have to believe in the idea of your success and have the optimism that doesn’t leave you disappointed after a setback, rather make you fight even better and harder for your cause.

9. Follow Dreams

The zeal and passion that you need to realize your dreams also helps you in building up the courage to achieve them. Bold people might make it a point to achieve small targets each day, but they never lack commitment or abandon their dreams without trying their best.

The bold actions which might seem to be impossible and far out of your reach, are actually just a few courageous steps away!

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