Updated 2021

6 Habits That Could Be Preventing You From Being Happy

While questioning yourself about the fact that you aren’t often experiencing authentic happiness, that glow from within or the life satisfaction you desire; you might not even realize it could be your own habits keeping you away from that state of ultimate happiness and you.

Yes, it could be your habits which are the reason you’re drifting away from the contentment you very much desire…

1. You want to control everything

Learn one thing, you cannot control everything that is happening and that is going to happen in your life. You just need to let go sometimes so you can experience the pure joy of the present in its most organic forms. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of anything at all, but in order to live the moments of your life, you need to stop fretting about everything being picture-perfect in your life.

2. You only know how to give

Though it is good not to be a selfish person; self-love isn’t harmful but it is much needed too. When you care for everyone but yourself, though the act of selfless love may bring many benefits, it also could be exhausting to you. It is that exhaustion which doesn’t allow you to enjoy the simplest of joys of life. The reason for that is you are too busy taking care of all the people associated with you. Pamper yourself and treat yourself with whatever pleases you.

3. You might be a healer, but set boundaries

It is possible that people come to you when they are facing some troubles in their own lives to seek help or advice. Although it is an amazing thing to be able to help them, you might not realize you are filling your mind with all the pessimism they are sharing with you, and don’t even realize how much it may be affecting you.

It is imperative to set boundaries and limits as to how much people share with you, and note that they are only sharing and not just dumping their negativity on you. Talk about solutions and the brighter side with them and with yourself too.

4. You might be someone who never experiences the joy of giving

Is it possible you are one who thinks only of yourself and has never enjoyed the sense of fulfillment that comes with serving others? When you think of helping others and truly making a difference in someone else’s life with no thought of what is it for you, there is no greater satisfaction.

5. The habit of acing everything

There is nothing wrong with being competitive but using every ounce of your energy to be in the top ranks always will only leave you exhausted. Often happy people do well in their careers and studies, but they do not punish themselves by pushing themselves beyond limits. If you face a setback or two, you don’t need to stick to it forever but consider that it may be better to move on to explore other opportunities.

6. You are busy pleasing everyone else

Needless to say, it is a dream killer to try to please everyone. You will not be good enough for some people in your life no matter what you do. It is better to take charge of your own happiness and your desires. Go on a journey of happiness with your own soul.

People-pleasing will never get you anywhere except for a deep well of despair and unhappiness. If you continue to think of what other people expect from you, a lifetime will not be enough to complete their wish list for you and to start following your own.

Do not hold yourself back when it is time to reach out for authentic happiness. You need it and you’re very much capable of having that gleaming smile you are thinking about having. Just ditch the habits preventing you from grabbing your own seat on the joy ride.

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