Updated 2021


how to achieve authentic happiness


Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open – John Barrymore.

In order to reach out for authentic happiness to enter your life and conquer the land of your heart with joy, you need to learn to open those doors. Those doors need to be opened in the direction from which the winds of joy blow.

1. Use your abilities to manage life

It gets better and better when you get to know your strong points and more so when you know how to use them to gain the strength to make you happy; achieving the ultimate peace of attaining authentic happiness. When your responsibilities demand your attention more than you can imagine, it is then that your ‘gift’ could be used to keep the balance. Your creativity, intellect, time management skills, team work abilities and all you could add to the list, are the gifts you could use to manage your life and take quality time out for yourself.

2. Don’t forget to make the priority list

While you may be making plans in your head to set things straight all at once, it doesn’t work that way. Sit down and write your priority list; what are your goals and what is your action plan to achieve them.

Also, set time apart for family, friends, hobbies, relationships and whatever may be going on in your life so nothing suffers, not even you. It is not selfish to make time for your happiness, after all.

3. Fuel your tank with positive energy

You may not even realize how pessimistic thoughts and people weigh you down; so don’t let that happen. In order to achieve authentic happiness which would not only show on your face but would also exude from you, you need to surround yourself with positivity.

Cut out the dark shades, the evil, envy and all the monstrous beings that drain you emotionally. From my own experience, it is nearly impossible to do this alone.

4. Use the magic of gratitude

When magic is the word used for gratitude, people expect instant results. Well, the good news is, you can get them.

The inner peace, tranquility and the joy of carrying out the most mundane tasks are some of the results of gratitude to name a few. Even a simple call with a long forgotten friend could be an amazing source of happiness if you feel grateful for it.

Thankfulness attracts bliss, so use it in your daily routine.

5. Serve humanity

Serving humanity does not only mean to serve the suffering ones. Anyone could be in need of physical or emotional help of some kind. By engaging in helping others you are actually helping yourself. The happiness of being ‘useful’ to someone, of being ‘of value’ to a mission is immeasurable.

And of course, last but not the least, focus on your inner state and peace. Give time to yourself, meditate, pray, connect with God. Additionally,take time to enjoy the beauty of nature and notice the goodness in others around you as well.

Reach out and notice the authentic happiness that comes as we practice the principles shared above. That happiness comes as a result of being proactive in the areas listed above. As you take the “high road” that real joy will come sneaking in through the door you’ve just left open!

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